A graduate of Mount Vernon public schools, George has always understood that education needs to be our top priority to secure a strong economic future. As the highest-ranking Democrat on the Senate’s Education Committee, George voted to eliminate the Gap Elimination Adjustment, which short-changed Westchester schools. He increased funding for pre-kindergarten and delivered funds to the neediest schools in Westchester. George also increased funding for those schools that teach our most vulnerable children such as special act schools, 4201 schools for the blind, and 853 schools for children involved in the foster care, juvenile justice and special education systems.


Common Core & Opt-out


The botched roll out of Common Core was bad for our schools, our teachers and our children. We all want real standards and accountability, but an overreliance on one-size-fits-all high stakes testing shortchanges our children, warps our curricula and diverts important classroom time away from learning.

In addition to supporting parents who choose to opt their children out of these tests, George successfully fought to:

-Ensure the protection of children’s personal information

-Reduce the focus on testing

-Increase the amount of information from tests that will be shared with teachers to help individual students

-Introduced legislation to allow children with special needs flexibility when dealing with Common Core tests