In 2000, as Chairman of the County Board of Legislators, George Latimer oversaw the adoption of a law that established the county’s Human Rights Commission. In the years since, as a state assemblyman and senator, he has not wavered from his commitment to protecting those who are the victims of discrimination, including based on place of national origin and religion.


George has introduced a bill into the State Senate to provide grants to county law enforcement agencies to fund police organization liaisons in some immigrant communities. These liaisons would allow civilian employees of the participating police departments to work with members of the community who are immigrants — regardless of federal immigration status – and the local law enforcement agency to ensure the needs of the immigrant community are being properly met.


If elected County Executive, George will make sure that the county’s Human Rights Commission has the resources to do its job the way it was designed to do by its author, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, now the Democratic leader in the State Senate. It will resume its important role as a force to educate the public. The commission will protect the rights of immigrants (as well as those discriminated based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation).