George Latimer consistently votes to control taxes, rein in spending, and oppose tax increases. Typically, Albany passes along costs to local governments and property taxpayers, and here in Westchester, costs have been kicked down the road to future taxpayers. George knows both practices need to stop.

While he has consistently fought to relieve the pressure of unfunded mandates and property taxpayers, George also knows that Westchester can’t keep spending more than it takes in, draining our reserve funds and borrowing to fill the gap. We need seasoned, honest leadership that will make the tough choices and look for long term solutions to give Westchester taxpayers a balanced approach to lowering taxes while preserving essential services.

As Chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators, George cut county property taxes for three consecutive years, and as State Senator, George voted to give New Yorkers the lowest middle class income tax rates since 1953.

George worked with Governor Cuomo to hold property taxes to an average growth rate of just over two percent, less than half the rate of growth over the previous ten years. He is a longtime supporter of relieving county taxpayers of Medicaid costs forced onto us by Albany, George supports legislation to force the state to pay for overrun pension costs instead of asking local taxpayers to foot the bill.

And most recently, George proudly voted to protect Westchester taxpayers from the planned closing of Indian Point, making sure our schools and local governments do not suffer economically from the closure.